SINEWAVE ESSENTIALS – The Best of ’08 (2008)
December 12, 2008

SINEWAVE ESSENTIALS – The Best of ’08 (2008)

The Best of ’08
Genre: Post-Rock, Experimental, Shoegaze
sw0024 – 2008 – sinewave 

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That was inevitable. After six months of new albums being released on a weekly basis, we had to release a best of compilation. Eighteen tracks by seventeen unsigned independent Brazilians artists, ranging from the beauty and anger of our post-rock acts to the utmost artsy boundaries of our experimental projects. For newcomers, Sinewave Essentials – The Best of ’08 proves that yes, we do have ever-growing content in the depths of the Brazilian indie scene. For longtime listeners, this is our 2008 highlights – the highlights that you were part of, by becoming instant small nodes of a mediatic network in need of constant retro-feeding.

Next week there’s the second part of this work. Next year there’s even more.

01. HEROD LAYNE – “Walking The Valley”
02. A SEA OF LEAVES – “Pale Horses”
03. DUELECTRUM – “Cabeça Nas Nuvens”
04. [ART].FICIAL. – “Cada Rua Um Ballet”
06. FARVESTE – “Ultramar”
07. SERTÃO AGRÁRIO – “Pedrinho e o Dragão Lunar”
08. LENORE – “Clínicas”
09. 33DOLLARS – “Vento do Oeste”
10. HOPING TO COLLIDE WITH – “The Last Straw”
11. BLANCHED – “Tristes dos que Procuram Dentro de Si Respostas Porque Lá Só Há Espera”
12. CIVILIAN – “Say Yes To One Instant”
13. ANDREI MACHADO – “Eu Sei que Sou Fraco”
14. FRAGILE ARM – “Spin”
15. AMNESE – “O Egoísta e a Fuga”
16. ESTE SILÊNCIO – “Azul”
17. SERTÃO AGRÁRIO & GRAY STRAWBERRIES – “E Sonhos Não Envelhecem”
18. ALMA MATER – “Midnight In Heaven”