LINGERING LAST DROPS – The Lingering Last Drops (2009)
August 14, 2009

LINGERING LAST DROPS – The Lingering Last Drops (2009)

The Lingering Last Drops
Genre: Experimental, Electronic
sw0058 – 2009 – sinewave

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01. Inverno
02. Love Shadow Syndrome
03. Give Me Your Confidence
04. Pale Fire
05. A Silent Morning
06. Liquidized Touch
07. Asperger
08. Crawl

Lingering Last Drops is the latest project from the shadowy Brazilian multiinstrumentalist C.F.C.P. This 8 song disc is a striking overview of his distinctly different take on ambient/electronic music… Crunchy guitars, shimmering keyboards, confessional lyrics and pure sound combine to provide the listener with soundscapes that are by turns lush and stark, celestial and harrowing. This is deeply personal music, assembled from the artist’s work over the last few years, that allows for a wider world view than one might expect: “Give Me Your Confidence” is a cover of a ballad by Iraqi folksinger Ghassan al Mosuli.

Unconventional, unexpected and richly satisfying, this is – in the artist’s words – “music as prayer”.