BLACK SEA – It’s All About Our Silence (2009)
May 1, 2009

BLACK SEA – It’s All About Our Silence (2009)

It’s All About Our Silence
Genre: Post-Metal
sw0042 – 2009 – sinewave

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01. Drafts
02. Dad’s Wings
03. Epilogue of Something That Never Healed
04. I Want a Saint With My Name
05. Tabula Rasa
06. The Titans


Writing about bands that are starting their careers is a challenge, sometimes even embarassing. You never know how one will behave on what is about to happen.

But with their first EP, It’s All About Our Silence, Black Sea turned out to be a great surprise on the earphones of Brazil dwellers. Because it shows that there are people working to use their textures better, experiment new sounds and seize the possibility to dare new structures. Thus bringing in their essence the characteristics of what is known as “progressive metal”, or “prog-metal”.

If you could comprehend that music is one of the strongest expressions by human being, you will know that the sum of all these music genres has a lot to say. It’s in this context that the work of Black Sea is defined. A brief history as a band, but with the tenderness and density in the right amount. It’s music that transmits something, but it is open to interpretations and diverse sensations. The equilibrium between being and existing.

With songs that don’t say how to think, how to listen, but allows time for perception, for the moment, this first work is enough to create positive expectations of what is about to come.

Release written by Clayton and Carlos from the band HoldingYourBreath (

— André Prado (Guitar)
— Alan Ferreira (Guitar)
— Marcio D Avila (Bass)
— Marcos Paulo (Drums)
— Rodolfo Garcia(Vocals)

— Bandcamp:
— Facebook:

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