S.O.M.A. – OM (2009)
February 13, 2009

S.O.M.A. – OM (2009)

Genre: Post-Rock
sw0031 – 2009 – Sinewave 

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01. 4891
02. Baile das Máscaras
03. Mantra
   I. Ambição
   II. Transcendência
   III. Liberdade
04. Lembrança
05. Céu Escarlate


Founded in February 2008 by André “Anti” Luiz (Gray Strawberries, Este Silêncio) on the bass, Lucas Lippaus (Gray Strawberries) on the guitars and Elvis W. Cantelli on the drums, the post-rock band s.o.m.a. began its history in a customary joke between friends, which eventually became something much more serious. Playing his own compositions, the band combines influences of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, God is an Astronaut, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai and many other bands of that style.

The five tracks of their first album OM were recorded in January 2009 by Gustavo “Big” Simão at Choque DB Studios, São Paulo.

— Lucas Lippaus: guitarras
— André “Anti” Ross: baixo
— Elvis Cantelli: bateria

— Twitter: twitter.com/somapost
— Facebook: facebook.com/pages/soma/184437821603330

Deus Ex Machina (álbum, 2011)
Eros (EP, 2009)
Thanatos (EP, 2009)
OM (EP, 2009)