ESTE SILÊNCIO – Ouroboros (2009)
April 3, 2009

ESTE SILÊNCIO – Ouroboros (2009)

Genre: Experimental
sw0038 – 2009 – sinewave

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01. Genesis
02. People Who Fall in Love with Each Other Rarely Stay Together
03. Vida Futura, Nós Te Criaremos…
04. Milagre
05. Ouroboros
06. Different Pain of Men
07. Distance
08. In the Image of God He Created Him
09. Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May
10. The Cross and the Silence
11. Let No Handle Made from You Enter into Anything Made from Me, and I Shall Be Powerless to Injure You


Second album by the solo project from André “Anti” Luiz, bass player of both Gray Strawberries and s.o.m.a.. Just like his previous album, it was recorded and produced at his own house in São Paulo. In his new album he presents eleven brand new tracks that mix influences from classical music to post-rock.

Ouroboros features the song “The Cross and the Silence”, his own version of “The Cross” by Herod Layne.