PERDEU A LÍNGUA – Mamparra (2009)

Genre: Post Rock, Free Jazz
sw0036 – 2009 – Sinewave

Download (72MB)

01. Visão Periférica
02. Queda Livre
03. Mamparra
04. Zen
05. Nasce, Cresce, Reproduz e Morre
06. Alto Relevo
07. Sinal Vermelho
08. Controle Remoto
09. Homem Bomba
10. Numa Tranquila, Numa Relax, Numa Boa
11. Algodão Doce


Mamparra is the first record from Perdeu a Língua. They started recently, in 2006, from the ashes of an extinct hardcore group called Triste Fim de Rosilene, from Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil.

Demonstrated an allegiance to the basic structure of rock & roll, they still keep a multi-faceted sound, coupled with the roots of their regional music.

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