PHANTASYSTEM – Live at Sesc/Araraquara (2009)
January 16, 2009

PHANTASYSTEM – Live at Sesc/Araraquara (2009)

Live at Sesc/Araraquara
Genre: IDM
sw0027 – 2009 – sinewave

Download (85MB)

01. Intro
02. Dewdrops
03. A palm full of stars
04. Woolf
05. Maborosi
06. The color of past
07. A clockwork heart
08. Neither glad nor sad
09. Improvisation
10. Apparat – Not a number (PhantaSystem Remix)
11. Inside our dark tranquility
12. Lavoura – Grass (PhantaSystem Remix)


Conceived by Jônatas Protes in October 2007, PhantaSystem is a sonic articulation comprised from his most diverse musical influences. Through digital technology, the project utilises and explores unusual sounds and timbres. The resulting sound is a landscape which effortlessly converges various aspects of electronic and experimental music (Ambient, IDM, Shoegaze, Techno). This Live-Set was recorded at a Sesc unit in Araraquara on December 06 2008, with the participation of Cris Rissatto, who has collaborated with PhantaSystem since their first live performance.