DUELECTRUM – Tempestadestelar (2009)
January 30, 2009

DUELECTRUM – Tempestadestelar (2009)

Genre: Shoegaze
sw0029 – 2009 – sinewave

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01. Duelectrum
02. Pazperfeita
03. Ultrasensor
04. Tempestadestelar
05. Duelectrumfranklinweiseremix


If Duelectrum was a little more organized, Tempestadestelar would have been released in 2008 as a full album with nine or ten songs. But the laziness turned the idea of a first full-length into two EPs: Electrolândia – released last year in digital format by Pisces Records and Sinewave -, and this new release Tempestadestelar.

This EP is what they call studio left overs. These songs were actually recorded between 2002 and 2005, and they’re not exactly what the band intends to release as an album. But they show a period when Duelectrum used to spend some time in an iMac burning amps and the hard disk. That was a time in which the band didn’t play too much live, much for the difficulty in finding a drummer or a club with a free schedule. From all the songs in this EP, only “Ultrasensor” has been executed live, back in 2006.

Tempestadestelar may be the beginning of the band’s activities in 2009. May be, because as of late January 2009, there aren’t many signs that the band will record a new album or play any gigs. Although these are the plans for this year, the band is still inert. This EP may serve as a good kick in the ass, the one that may put Duelectrum back on track.

— Filipe Albuquerque (voz, guitarra)
— Franklin Weise (voz, baixo)

— Facebook: facebook.com/duelectrum
— Bandcamp: duelectrum1.bandcamp.com
— Tumblr: duelectrum.tumblr.com/

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