AMNESE – Zumbis (2008)
November 7, 2008

AMNESE – Zumbis (2008)

Genre: Experimental
sw0019 – 2008 – sinewave

Download (12MB)

01. Zumbi I
02. Zumbi II
03. Zumbi III
04. Zumbi IV


Amnese is the pseudonym adopted by the Brazilian composer and musician Nelson Barreto to give name to a fake band he created in 2003. Behind this name he released three albums and one EP, however, he revealed only in his last album that Amnese was a one man band. During all previous works, the composition, recording and execution of his songs were divided among five persons who never existed. Amnese makes experimental music with unplugged instruments in unusual way, trying to mix some influences from alternative rock, progressive rock, post rock and lo-fi and recorded everything in his own apartment.

The Zumbis Ep is a collection of four instrumentals short themes he wrote for the independent movie “Zumbis do espaço de lá” in 2007.