SERTÃO AGRÁRIO – Crescendo (2008)
September 5, 2008

SERTÃO AGRÁRIO – Crescendo (2008)

Genre: Experimental
sw0011 – 2008 – sinewave

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01. Ting Tong
02. Chuva
03. Chegue Lá de Três Horas, Sonequinha e Vambora
04. Tromba D’água
05. Growing Up
06. Nuvem
07. Grandir
08. Cobertor
09. Céu
10. Maísa
11. Mega-Biuri (Orquestrada)
12. A, E, I, O, U…
13. Pedrinho e o Dragão Lunar
14. Pipas
15. Descobrindo
16. Mega-Biuri
17. Berço


Four EPs and one full album within the short period of one year – that’s Rio de Janeiro’s Sertão Agrário prolific work. Crescendo is their newest material, full of childhood nostalgia and the many influences of experimental music and kraut rock. The recording sessions took about one year in its entirety, which led the band to almost disruption. And it’s this kind of hard times that made the record sound so different than the previous ones, blending elements of serenity with a great variety of odd instruments. Listen to “Pedrinho e o Dragão Lunar”, guesting Luiz (Gray Strawberries, Duelectrum, Old Magic Pallas) on the drums.