CADU TENÓRIO – Signal Eustasy VI (2021)
May 9, 2021

CADU TENÓRIO – Signal Eustasy VI (2021)


Signal Eustasy VI
Tags: Electronic, ambient, experimental
sw0253 – 2021 – Sinewave


01. Heartless Angel (feat. Kiko Dinucci)
02. The points where things could easily be broken.
03. Kupo
04. Xibalba (feat. Lucindo)
05. El-Seibzehn (feat. Juçara Marçal & Emygdio)
06. Cursed Woods
07. Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (feat. L. Borgia Rossetti)
08. Gunblade (feat. Kiko Dinucci)
09. Diamond Dust
10. Yellow Flower (feat. Lucindo)
11. Dronya (feat. Lucindo)
12. The Jetbike Race (feat. Lucindo)
13. Grimoire Noir (feat. L. Borgia Rossetti)
14. Grimoire Weiss
15. Sleeping Beauty




Signal Eustasy VI is the new album by Cadu Tenório. In this album he brings together special features such as Juçara Marçal, Kiko Dinucci, L. Borgia Rossetti, Lucindo and Emygdio. All wrapped up in the mesmerizing artwork of Sayumi Kudo.

Produced by Cadu Tenório
Recorded by Cadu Tenório
Except for the guests – recorded in their respective homestudios.
Mixed by Emygdio and Cadu Tenório
Mastered by Emygdio
Artwork: Sayumi Kudo
Design: Thiago Uehara
Avatar: Anuviedo
Executive production: Cadu Tenório and L. Borgia Rossetti

All music by Cadu Tenório and respective guests.

Cadu Tenório: synths, drum machine, field recordings, prepared violin, amplified objects, tape manipulation, samples, processing, etc.

Kiko Dinucci: acoustic guitar in ‘Heartless Angel’ and ‘Gunblade’.
Juçara Marçal: vocals in ‘El-Seibzehn’.
Emygdio: drum machine in ‘El-Seibzehn’.
Lucindo: additional synth lines in ‘Xibalba’, ‘Yellow Flower’, ‘Dronya’, and ‘The Jetbike Race’, drum machine in ‘The Jetbike Race’
L. Borgia Rossetti: guitar in ‘Mystic Eyes of Death Perception’; sax, electric piano and guitar in ‘Grimoire Noir’.


Praised by names like Ari Aster and Matana Roberts, Tenório produces music in different projects like Sobre a Máquina, VICTIM!, Ceticências, Banquete, Gruta and Vaso, as well as under his own name. He has collaborated with many artists ranging from experimental music to Brazilian popular song, including Paal Nilssen-Love, Juçara Marçal, Kiko Dinucci, Thomas Rohrer e Marcio Bulk.

His work is mainly made by exploring different recording processes and the making of timbres out of synthesizers, field recordings, tape loops and processed instruments.

Has an extense discography with both national and international releases. Recently he has released works for labels such as Fusty Cunt (USA), Blue Tapes (UK) and Ukiuki Atama (Japan).

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