ROTHIS BOURNIAS – Soul Renovation (2009)
September 18, 2009

ROTHIS BOURNIAS – Soul Renovation (2009)

Soul Renovation
Genre: Ambient
sw0064 – 2009 – sinewave

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01. Shivering
02. Traveller
03. Hope Trial
04. Fantoms
05. Esferas Polares
06. Trivial Sounds
07. Sunset Vibes
08. Seaside Meditation
09. As The Sun Goes By


Soul Renovation is a record from Rothis Bournias, a Greek musician and artist current living in Sapucaí Mirim, a small town in Minas Gerais state, brought to Sinewave by Andy Cummings, who created the Não-Wave, famous compilation of Brazilian Post Punk published in Europe. These tracks show a good piece of ambient and electronic music.