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KALOUV – Planar Sobre o Invisível (2016)

Published on August 22, 2016 in Albums
Planar Sobre o Invisível
Genre: Post-Rock
2016 – Sinewave

Download (51 MB)


01. Peixe Voador
02. Da Bravura, Inocência


In the beggining of 2016, Kalouv has made a tour in Brazil going throught ten cities in several regions of the country. During the stay in São Paulo, the group was invited to the Converse Rubber Tracks project, which was a whole day free to record in one of the most well equipped recording spaces of the city, called Family Mob Studio. Two tracks were recorded and finalized in Recife at the CODA Studio, by the hands of the producer Roberto Kramer who mixed and mastered the tracks.

The outcome of the recordings is a compact disk nominated Planar Sobre o Invisível (“Soar Over the Invisible” – English translation). This new work is a preview of the upcoming new album that should be released in 2017. The cover is signed by the Brazilian artist Alexandre Palacio which perfectly translates the band’s inspiration in the tracks “Peixe Voador” and “Da Bravura, Inocência” such as in games, movies and comic books, creating soundtracks to their own universes. Planar Sobre o Invisível will be released by the labels Sinewave and Bichano Records.

Technical Release

Recorded in Family Mob Studios (SP) into the Converse Rubber Tracks project by Jean Dolabella, André Sangiacomo and Bruno Lafaza
Additional recording sessions in CODA Studio (PE) by Arthur Azoubel
Mixed and Mastered by Roberto Kramer
Ilustration by Alexandre Palacio
Graphic Design by Pedro Muniz

Kalouv is: Basílio Queiroz (bass), Bruno Saraiva (keyboards), Rennar Pires (drums), Saulo Mesquita (guitar) and Túlio Albuquerque (guitar)

About the band

Kalouv is a Brazilian post-rock band formed in 2010 by Basílio Queiroz (bass), Bruno Saraiva (keyboard), Rennar Pires (drums), Saulo Mesquita (guitar) and Túlio Albuquerque (guitar).

Post-rock, progressive rock and correlative music genres are the base of their work, which has already been presented on important stages and festivals of Brazil such as: Abril pro Rock, Play the Movie (Coquetel Molotov), Contemporâneos, Sinewave Festival, etc.

Their debut work Sky Swimmer (2011) and the second record Pluvero (2014) had both good acceptance in the specialized media, being nominated on many best albums of the year lists. In 2016 the band launches the compact Planar sobre o Invisível, with tracks recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks project in São Paulo.

— Official website: www.kalouv.com
— E-mail: contato.kalouv@gmail.com
— Phones : +55 81 98823-4525 – Túlio Albuquerque | +55 81 99649-3424 – Bruno Saraiva

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MAIS VALIA – Mesopotamia (2016)

Published on June 21, 2016 in Albums
Genre: Instrumental Stoner Rock
2016 – Sinewave

Download (51 MB)


01. Tigris
02. Euphrates


Mais Valia é uma banda instrumental do interior de São Paulo que flerta com os experimentalismos do post-rock, stoner e space rock. Seu primeiro álbum, lançado em CD e streaming em 2015, foi considerado em sites e blogs especializados entre os melhores lançamentos do ano, e teve a faixa “Belzebu” exaltada pela Rolling Stone Brasil como uma das 50 melhores músicas nacionais de 2015.

Mesopotamia, área de inundação entre os rios Tigres e Eufrates, serviu como palco ao surgimento do modo de vida sedentário e plataforma para o padrão de domesticação, acúmulo e supremacia de uma espécie sobre o meio. Um dos berços da civilização humana, onde se deu a eclosão do modelo de aglomeração urbana e da centralização de poder.

Mais Valia aposta na mescla arrastada e densa da pegada stoner com momentos de ambientações e elementos do post-rock, sugerindo uma paisagem sonora árida envolta pela crescente fértil, que dá o tom do EP. Apresentado em duas faixas irmãs gravadas ao vivo pelo projeto Converse Rubber Tracks, no Family Mob Studios, contou com a produção de Jean Dolabella.

A capa assinada pelo artista plástico Fernando Chamarelli flerta com o misticismo e a antropologia, interligando as conexões entre o oriente e ocidente, interior e exterior e especialmente entre o material e o espiritual.

— Ricardo Cezario (guitars)
— Alexandre Palacio (bass)
— Vitor Martins (drums)

— Official Site: www.maisvalia.net
— Bandcamp: maisvalia.bandcamp.com
— Facebook: facebook.com/maisvaliaoficial
— YouTube: youtube.com/projetomaisvalia
— SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/maisvalia

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A ESPIRAL DE BUKOWSKI – ERP-P300-CBP Future Great Filter (2016)

Published on June 13, 2016 in Albums
ERP-P300-CBP Future Great Filter
Genre: Experimental, Electronic, Instrumental
2016 – Sinewave

Download (63 MB)


01. CCC positive feedback affection loop deflection – pt 1
02. CCC positive feedback affection loop deflection – pt 2
03. Penrose, Chomsky, I know you know, well, Lyapunov time manifolds
04. Universal Grammarevolution in working class memory – pt 1
05. Universal Grammarevolution in working class memory – pt 2


A Espiral de Bukowski is a Brazilian duo making what we call “on-the-spot-music” (or something like experimental-drone-noise-psychedelic-kraut-dub-electronic improvisation-driven music); a project by Cesar Zanin and Mariana Cetra (of the bands Magic Crayon and Fotograma).

Cesar and Mariana improvise freely on this first session of 2016, exploring the sounds of a casiotone keyboard with a handful of guitar effect pedals and other synths (either industrially manufactured and handmade), the melodica and accordion being processed and sampled at the same time they are played; via effects and tone manipulation (dealing with timbre/frequencypitch/amplitude-loudeness/duration in order to vary sound perception); using live programming with minimal beats (sometimes in distinct measures), analog synthesis, modulation with square, triangular and saw tooth waves, granular synthesis, use of ribbon keyboard for bass lines, feedback, low-frequency oscillation, white noise, emulation of phase-locked loop and a little box that makes noises by photocells. The loops are built in conjunction with filters and effects, often in cascade. Also, they heavily use field recordings, recorded on various situations in various places using a cellphone.

The album ERP-P300-CBP future great filter was released on the 13th june 2016 and is the recording of the performance by A Espiral de Bukowski on Rasgada Coletiva’s ExperimentaSom at Sesc Sorocaba – SP, Brazil on the 24th march 2016. It is their last album before an exchange program via University of São Paulo that will lead Cesar to study in Italy.

The theme of the album revolves around the issue of the inevitability of the end (of all), with an approach combining the micro (a brain wave and a protein) with the macro (the concept of the Great Filter in the context of the Fermi Paradox and conformal cyclic cosmology, a model in the context of general relativity). In contrast to the inevitability of the end it is placed the issue of existence and P300 was the conceptual link found to jointly illustrate two human capabilities: reaction (assessment and categorization of stimuli and decision making) and development (growth/maturation and division). Themes adjacent to the central ones of the album are: love and misunderstanding, biology, chaos theory, mathematical analysis of relativity, linguistics, evolution, politics in Brazil today.

The album was released by all of the following labels: – O Bosque/Woodland (SP/Brazil and Brighton/UK); – Al Revés (SP/Brazil); – Platforma (RS/Brazil); – Sinewave (SP/Brazil); – Proposito (GO/Brazil).

— Facebook: facebook.com/aespiraldebukowski
— Bandcamp: ob-w.bandcamp.com

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