— Courtney Grove: drums, drum machine
— Rod Hentringer: bass, hammond, piano
— Michael Hayden: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synth




The Secret History of Nothing (2019)


Underhand is a dynamic three piece instrumental band from Chicago. The Secret History of Nothing is the product of about one year of writing and revising while the members got to know each other.

While it’s not technically a concept album and not really about anything at all really, the album has a very determined and intentional flow. The only thing that determines where the songs go is if it felt right and sounded pretty good. There wasn’t any discussion or predetermined ideas (hence it being all over the place sonically) just 3 people standing around with instruments trying a bunch of variations until everyone agreed that it sounds pretty good and the feel of it was right.

It was recorded over he course of 4 days at Decade Studios in Chicago, Il by Adam K. Stilson and mixed/mastered by Mario Quintero in Pittsburg, PA. Visual Artist Cella Anita Celic provided the album art in a series of drawings for each song.