UMBILICHAOS – Filled By Empty Spaces (2020)
November 22, 2020

UMBILICHAOS – Filled By Empty Spaces (2020)


Filled By Empty Spaces
Tags: Doom metal, post-metal
sw0241 – 2020 – Sinewave


01. Filled By Empty Spaces Pt 01
02. Filled By Empty Spaces Pt 02
03. Filled By Empty Spaces Pt 03
04. Disintegration




Filled by Empty Spaces is the 11th full-lenght of indestructible one woman act Umbilichaos. Written in 2014, in a period of internal changes, break-ups, depression, Jung. Joseph Campbell, and being refined since then until the recording sessions last year.

It’s the third part of the Tetralogy of Loneliness, started with Belong to Nothing and Deserts of the Soul. In retrospect, it’s a major achievement in a ever progressing body of work, in terms both of writing and recording, along with last single “Vast Horizon, Narrow Paths Pt 01”. It’s the slow and crushing cyber dissonant psychedelia manifest that Anna C. Chaos has delivered emotionally and precisely in the last 13 years, but always with something new and insidious blooming from it.

“(…) a psycheadoomadelic sludge bath (,,,) A disorienting experience that if in the right/wrong frame of reality could induce a person to be on eggshells hanging on handrails, falling off the edge of the earth while face melting. A mix of lo-fi electronics, big ideas, open space and claustrophobic confines and terrain in between. Godflesh, Neurosis, Throbbing Gristle, Killing Joke on a Ayahuasca trip in Brazil.”

“One way or the other, Chaos makes her point through raw tonality and overarching intensity of purpose, the compositions coming across simultaneously unhinged and dangerously under control. There are many kinds of heavy. Filled by Empty Spaces is a whole assortment of them.”

“Starting delicately with delay/reverbed out guitar, distant snare/machine noise, sung vocals before launching into Killing Joke tribalism and Godflesh guitar heft which descends into the vacuum of a black hole. This downbreak is something you might encounter on Neurosis souls at zero only more suffocating. Raw, rough hewn obsidian sound doused with earthy psychedelics.”

“Umbilichaos desde Brasil con un Doom del alto poder.”
(Doomed and Stoned Latinoamérica/facebook)

“El proyecto solista brasileño Umbilichaos nos adelanta “Empty spaces.” Sonidos Post-hardcore, noise-doom y psicodelia que nos hacen hacernos una idea de lo que nos espera con su nuevo álbum “Filled by Empty Spaces, que verá la luz el 12 de noviembre.”

“Industrial scrap metal meets staggering machine percussion and a disorienting left/right isolated guitar mix that coalesces together in a floor caving plunge as the song progresses in a churning mass toward golgotha.”

All songs and instrumentation written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Anna C. Chaos. Picture kindly given by Carlos Gomez.