MONODECKS – Monodecks (2009)
June 19, 2009

MONODECKS – Monodecks (2009)

Genre: Post-Rock
sw0049 – 2009 – sinewave

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01. Longitude
02. Preto Velho
03. Reverbera na Caverna
04. Trapezista
05. Trêmulo


In 2008, the group Monodecks was formed in Luiz Pessoa’s studio to record the EP Monodecks, with 5 songs marked by compositions by Domingos Savio, a founding member and guitarist of the band. At the end of the recording process Luiz, already familiar with the group’s music, joined the band as bassist to replace Ramiro. This EP has a less experimental characterization and a more detailed recording of each instrument. As the band is comprised of 3 guitars, the contents of the EP floats in avant-garde guitar sounds and a new post-rock that differs from other mainstream bands. This disc shows a new concept of rock – or post-rock, as many tend to mention – where the imagination can bring new worlds to light. It is a tip for those who want to listen to something different and expand the auditory perception mixing with pictures and loads of other environments.

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