BLANCHED – Blanched Toca Angelopoulos (2008)
October 3, 2008

BLANCHED – Blanched Toca Angelopoulos (2008)

Blanched Toca Angelopoulos
Genre: Post-rock
sw0015 – 2008 – sinewave

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01. Tristes dos que Procuram Dentro de Si Respostas Porque Lá Só Há Espera
02. Cada Um
03. Hoje Eu Tou Melhor
04. Um Palhaço no Campo de Concentração
05. Casa de Descanso


Blanched started in 2001 at Novo Hamburgo, RS, formed by Leonardo Flech (guitar/vocals), Marcelo Koch (drums), Israel Monteiro (guitar), Carlos Bergold (bass) and Priscila Wachs (flute). Mixing hard and experimental rock with touches of acoustic folk and bossa nova, the band released the EP Ter Estado Aqui in 2002. Monteiro and Bergold left the band and were substituted by Porto Alegre residents Douglas Dickel (guitar), Daniel Galera (bass) and Muriel Paraboni (keyboards), who left in 2004. The new formation focused on post-rock influences such as Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Slint and Sonic Youth to develop its own sound, exploring dynamics that went far beyond the usual quiet/loud alternance, with members often exchaging instruments. Two other EPs followed: Blanched Toca Angelopoulos (2004) and Avalanched (2007), both released originally by Open Field Label/Peligro Records. Blanched Toca Angelopoulos is now being re-released by Sinewave.